Focus On Leadership, And Not Leaders -Prabir Jha, Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory

BW People launches 40 Under 40 HR List - in association with BW Businessworld which is a hunt for 40 insightful and talented HR professionals who have the zeal to bring about a change in the industry.


As the keynote address speaker, BW People invited Prabir Jha, Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory who spoke on “With Leaders’ Evolving Roles Will Impact the Hiring Framework”. Mr Prabir shared what is going to be fundamentally new irrespective of the fact that the strategic leadership has remained the same. “When you hear the word hiring, everyone believes that it’s external. But I believe it should be about internal hiring, and career inclusive. If you want leaders of the ne normal, you have to look at hiring internally”, he said. He doesn’t believe that the fundamental of hiring a leader would change. Factors like curiosity, courage, resilience, agility, humility, learnability, and the entire basket of competency and behaviors have already existed.

“What the crisis has shown us is the reality that we have no done our jobs well enough. We must hold ourselves responsible, and guilty”, he added. Hold people accountable for their job, and get them to do with sincerity. Leadership is different from the leader and it is important to focus on leadership, not a leader. He further on spoke on how supplementing leadership is what companies need to do, but that’s not happening enough. “I am wanting to question, does the old equation necessarily work given the challenges and the changes?,” he added. Companies are historically only looking for ‘plug and play’ guy, but instead, companies should question that and look for real talent. Mr Jha said, “I think the new leadership will evolve by trying to learn more from people. Every industry is unique.” Pluralistic hiring is all about pluralistic thinking and it important to use the leadership to look beyond the fish post and move away from the job descriptive hiring.


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