Find out who purchased 225 billion dollar stake in Ola

Singapore based Temasek, a global investment company has purchased a single digit stake in the company.


Temasek investment in the ride hailing company is being considered as a major step in OLa's expansion strategy.

The company’s employees has sold some of their shares to the Singapore-based global company. In total the company has brought 225miion of shares. The main strategy of Ola was to raise upto 1 billion.

Ola has already expanded it’s business in Australia and UK. Wherein in UK ola has decided not only to book private vehiclesbut also black cabs. The company’s plan is to add more vehicles jn future.

In Perth,Australia the company began it’s expansion. In Australia the company has appointed several recruiters . As per the company’s analysis,Ola’s driver partners are starting with a commission rate of 7.5%. Ola is Australia’s first company which offer’s daily payments to driver-partners.

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