Eventually, It Has Become Easy To Connect Virtually But It Is Challenging To Be Engaged

Work from home has provided opportunity and time for employees to upskill themselves but at same time because of digital platforms there is a difficulty in building engagement.


With Pandemic hitting us and work from home becoming a new normal, learning and development intervention is also shifting to the digital medium which has brought a big shift in the learning of employees.

Discussion on the Topic of Conversion of L&D intervention to digital LNT intervention happened at BW People Learning and Development Excellence Summit on 28 November. The session was moderated by Sunandan Bhanja Chaudhary, Executive search.

Reacting to how there is a change in Learning and Development Anurag Verma, VP People, Uniphore Software Systems said "While for the last decade or so L&D has been a business-oriented with a focus on end impact but now that is changing now the focus of L&D is on how to build a Fastrack learning solution that helps to upscale a person quickly."

Emphasising the change in content and engagement Aniruddha Khekale, CHRO, Emerson Automobile Solutions said, "Content needs to evolve a lot with more focus on learning impact whether it is business or behavior or even both." He also added, "Although it has become easy to connect virtually, It is challenging to be engaged."

Rajiv Chandran, MD, and lead, Global Leadership Development, Accenture commenting on workplace and workforce culture said "We think of ourselves as the culture of cultures. There are different nuances of how consultancy is done in Japan and how consultancy is done in Latin America. It is important for us to strike a balance of staying globally relevant and locally empowered."

Emphasizing culture and service Raj Raghavan, Senior VP-HR, Indigo while referencing the I-fly training center of Indigo said "I-fly is where the culture is built" he added, "how we serve our customers is a reflection of that culture which would have an impact on our services."

L&D has seen a big shift in this one year while on the one hand work from home has provided opportunity and time for employees to upskill themselves but at the same time because of digital platforms, there is a difficulty in building engagement. It will be interesting to see how L&D departments across industries balance these two.

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