Ensuring workplace safety and security is a must

Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice-President and Global Head - Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions elaborates how organizations can have a comprehensive approach to workplace security


A security and safety policy is a must in modern times for every organisation. A good security system works like a series of deterrents which are connected to block all possible points of intrusion.

Workplace thrives on trust and often having a transparent policy on security helps people to understand not only the importance of securing workplace but also the critical role each employee plays in its implementation.

Therefore, while it is important to have a robust network of security solutions in place, it is equally important to have a comprehensive policy that outlines how employees can access the premises, the identification procedures for them, and even the process for visitors entering the area.

To create an effective security system an organisation should outline all these security features and detail out the equipment list that is needed while preparing to upgrade the security at the premises.

To give you a broad understanding, the security solution can be categorised into two broad segments of solutions –Premises Security Solutions (PSS) and Physical Security Products (PSP).

In the first category, consultants conduct a threat and risk assessments for clients and recommend solutions. The assessment report spells out specific security measures that can be implemented to ensure better safety. These include monitoring and surveillance systems, which are basically CCTVs, and perimeter intrusion detection systems covering the external walls. Access control is another system we offer for car parks and entrances. It also includes baggage scanners and attendance systems.

Increasingly, many organisations (including SMEs) are deploying security cameras across their establishments to ensure workplace control. They deploy CCTV cameras to prevent unauthorised access, burglaries and theft, and ensure peace of mind during operational hours – and even beyond.

A large number of organisations still have hard copies of important documents. In the wake of recent fire tragedies, the importance of fire and document protection has gained a lot of traction. In a city like Mumbai, where space is a constraint, a fire-resistant record cabinet can be an effective document-securing solution.

Another aspect of security is access to systems, electronic devices, and other sensitive equipment. Organisations following best practices, frame adequate guidelines about this and sets up necessary restrictions on access to sensitive files and information.

State-of-the-art systems

Organisations are increasingly realizing the need for a modern security system since a secure work environment makes for a productive one. Employees also demand safety that is seamless and, importantly, non-obtrusive.

Our experts are often asked if installing a camera tantamount to privacy violation. It is legal in most cases to use camera surveillance in public areas. Of course, if a company opts to deploy both video and audio surveillance, in the interest of transparency, it is expected to also put up signs indicating where audio is being recorded and make a mention of these in the security policy.

As security threats evolve, it is important that security systems in place are upgraded to ensure a high sense of security in the workplace environment. In the last few years, security systems have become sophisticated and innovative. Organisations now use an ecosystem of security solutions comprising fire alarm and detection solutions, monitoring and surveillance systems (including cameras and video recorders), and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

An interesting aspect about security these days is that even though it was once thought to be ‘a dead investment’, organisations have realised that it imperative to build trust and reputation, which is impossible without providing a safe and secure working environment.

Ensuring peace of mind

A key aspect for a company like Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) is that we constantly use technology at the core of our security solutions. These state-of-the-art systems are continuously optimized and upgraded to suit the needs of consumers while also being receptive to softer aspects such as employee sensibility and safety.

‘Neutronics’ is a new concept which uses a combination of analytics and intelligence. In case of a gun attack, the safe allows access to the unit, while simultaneously sending out silent alert messages to the authorities and owners. This feature ensures that the life of a human is not put at undue risk by raising loud caution.

In summary, comprehensive workplace security has several direct and indirect benefits, not just limited to employees. A secure work environment is one of the key aspects of better employee efficiency, which directly affects customer satisfaction and retention.

The other aspect of having robust workplace security means a reduction in liabilities, insurance, etc. to be paid to stakeholders. It comes as no surprise then that organisations are increasingly paying attention to workplace safety and security.

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