Ensuring The Mental Wellness Of Employees At The Time Of COVID-19

It is easy to misinterpret virtual communication and hence special attention must be placed on the choice of words and their impact.


Mental wellness is of substantial importance in the workplace. It is the foundation for productive and creative employees. Lack of mental health among employees can severely affect individuals and businesses. For businesses to thrive and grow, employers should pay attention to the mental well-being of their workforce. This is especially crucial now, in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important to take every step possible to ensure that our employees are cared for during this difficult time. Let us look at a few ways to do this.

Open communication is key

Keeping our employees' well-informed builds trust and allows them to be more engaged and motivated. Frequently assuring them that we are on top of the situation helps fight the anxiety they might have from an organization's perspective. It is also essential that we do so in a clear, kind, and empathetic way.

Empathy is the bedrock of good communication. We need to be empathetic towards one another and understand each other’s intentions. It is easy to misinterpret virtual communication and hence special attention must be placed on the choice of words and their impact.

It’s also a good thing to be able to talk to a counselor. An increasing number of companies are organizing personalized sessions with counselors and psychologists in order to provide the extra support that some employees require. The counseling, done over phone or online chat, gives the employees an opportunity to discuss their fears or share anxieties.

How to ace remote work

In the time of remote work, the need to stay in touch with team members on a regular basis can’t be overestimated. Today, we have great tools that help us connect. Making the best use of virtual meetings and social media to stay connected can help us feel secure.

Ensuring that employees have a comfortable work environment at home, with appropriate equipment and a stable Internet connection, can also reduce anxiety to an extent.

Sharing helpful tips on how to go through this period of remote work can also benefit employees and reassure them. Sending out timely, fact-checked information on both physical and mental wellness, reminding them to eat healthily, drink water, and keep a healthy posture while working from home will serve to foster a positive attitude. After all, physical well-being is essential for mental wellness. Regular physical activity can lift one’s mood and manage stress and anxiety.

Focus on what’s in your reach

With things around us evolving so rapidly and uncertainty prevailing, focusing on what we can control help. Focus on healthy practices and positive thoughts during these stressful times. Minimize watching, reading, or listening to news about COVID-19 that makes you feel anxious. Instead, gather facts from trustworthy sources such as the World Health Organization.

Another way to distract ourselves from distressing thoughts is by focusing on work. While personal safety could be the immediate reaction, planning, and executing customer deliverables with the same quality and professionalism as before this crisis could be a great motivating factor.

Use the time saved from reduced travel to upskill yourself. Learning is important for personal development as well as mental health. It provides a positive mindset and lets you focus on your future and career.

There are plenty of online platforms and courses you can take advantage of - Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, to name a few. Instead of binge-watching a TV show, watch a TED Talk. Surely, it will inspire and uplift you.

Focus on the present and the precious time you are getting to spend with your family. Make use of this time to help with the household chores and engage your children in some interesting activities. This is undeniably another great way to remain stress-free.

Take care of those less fortunate

There’s no better way to forget your worries than by taking care of the less fortunate.

Think about how you can help those around you. Volunteering, organizing a drive to serve a section of society, helping the elderly – these are ways by which you can divert your attention away from the current problems.

The mental well-being of its employees is not only the responsibility of the employer but also an investment in the right direction. Sowing the seeds of positivity and solidarity will stand all of us in good stead in the challenging times ahead. But we can succeed only by acting together.

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