Employees Will Become More Integrated, Cohesive And Focused: Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus made everyone shocked, severely hit business, and also impacted many lives. Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric; shared the experience and learnings from the past two months in leading the business from the front during such an unconventional crisis.


Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric

At a recent BW Businessworld webinar, he stated that during the initial coronavirus outbreak, he observed sleepless nights, confusion, and chaos due to having the responsibility of around 1000 people. In regard to physical distancing as the new norm for people; being hopeful he firmly said “This will make the people change from the public transport to private transport. So, I think we have an opportunity there.”

Looking at the positive impact of the lockdown in the organization he mentioned: “I feel very happy to witness that the lines of roles, responsibilities, and status have been blurred; earlier we were cocooned in our cabins and there was a distinction but when you’re in a virtual platform, everybody is the same.”

He mentioned that he has started dealing with this disruption by making a lot of mistakes and thinking on the feet but went on to realize the importance of ‘unlearning’ about how to go forward or how to answer all the surprising questions coming up during the crisis. Adding on to the realizations; he majorly emphasized the need for clear communication and real compassion.

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Dealing with tough times he shared that powerful message that gives him strength is ‘things that don’t kill you makes you stronger’ and adding to it he said, he always looks up to Ratan Tata as the role model, especially for his compassion and determination.

Concluding with sheer optimism he said, “I believe most of us will have businesses which are on much more strong footing, and with this mantra they will have a better launch.”


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