Driving mental health awareness

We are working hard to build a culture that is inclusive, open and based on trust, where individuals feel safe and comfortable to voice their personal struggles


Nearly 42.5 percent of employees in corporate India suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder. There is a good chance these statistics are much higher considering there is still stigma and fear attached to openly admitting to the fact that one is struggling with mental health issues.

October 10th is ‘World Mental Health Day’, and stepping away from merely quoting further disturbing yet eye-opening figures, we are striving to ensure every employee at Uber understands that mental health needs to be given the same weight as physical health. 

We are working hard to build a culture that is inclusive, open and based on trust, where individuals feel safe and comfortable to voice their personal struggles. And we encourage each employee to help us, by actively encouraging a climate of awareness and creating a workplace that makes all of us feel safe while talking about their mental health concerns. 

We also understand that merely being compassionate and understanding as a company is not enough. Comprehensive guidelines need to exist where employees can reach out in times of need, and having access to professional support and care is imperative. 

Our global ‘Employee Assistance Program,’ provides a number of services that are confidential and free to all our employees, including their family members, 24x7. These include confidential counseling with stress, grief, substance abuse, and anxiety, among many others. We also provide resource guides on important topics such as family, work, health, childcare, and education. Employees also have the added option to enroll in our six-week training program ‘Thrive,’ which focuses on stress management and wellbeing.

We believe in designing policies that promote a healthy and productive workforce. Our holistic healthcare package covers both physical and mental health insurance because we want to focus on all factors that might affect the overall well-being. 

All through October, our employee resource group, ‘Able at Uber’ will be raising awareness around mental health, and mobilizing efforts to support and de-stigmatize it. We want to enable Uber employees, business partners, and clients to thrive in their respective workplaces and communities. Employees have been encouraged to show their support by participating in a series of ‘Able at Uber’ advocacy and awareness activities throughout the month. 

At Uber, our proactive approach to mental health and the overall well-being of our employees doesn’t stop at health and wellness benefits. We are consciously working towards replacing draconian mindsets and creating an enabling culture that helps employees overcome the most challenging situations. There’s not an iota of doubt we have a long way to go, but we are committed to our goal and hope each employee will support us to make Uber a better place. 

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