Darwin Platform Group To Expand PREP For ‘Agniveers,’ Aims To Offer 1.5 Lakh Quality Jobs In Next 5 Years

The Group has assured the youth that in the coming years Agniveers need not worry after four years of military life.


Following the implementation of ‘Agnipath’ Yojna for defence forces by the government and violent protests by youth across several states, Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) has come forward to offer quality jobs to ‘Agniveers’ after they retire from Defence forces. The Group today announced that it would further expand the existing Post-Retirement Employment Programme (PREP) for ex-servicemen to accommodate highly disciplined, trained, and future-ready youth-Agniveers in its associate company- Darwin Platform Forces Ltd. (DPFL). The Group said that the PREP had so far offered thousands of jobs to ex-servicemen in its 29 associate companies.

The Group has assured the youth that in the coming years Agniveers need not worry after four years of military life. Darwin Platform Force Limited, the security solutions vertical of the DPGC, has pledged to absorb all who will be retiring from defence forces after their service as per the ‘Agnipath’ scheme.

“The move is part of our efforts towards nation-building by creating widespread employment. We aim to provide direct jobs to a large number of people in the next five years. Under our Corporate Social Responsibility, PREP was launched in 2020 to leverage the experience and expertise of 58-75 age group ex-servicemen. Now, given the ‘Agnipath’ Yojna, we would further expand our PREP to accommodate a large number of ‘Agniveers’ in DPFL and get benefitted from well-trained, disciplined, and motivated youth under 30-years age group,” said Mr Ajay Harinath Singh, Group Chairman, DPGC.

“We strongly believe that ‘Agniveers’ will be highly employable. DPFL would offer excellent job opportunities to capable young people. During training and service in Defence ‘Agniveers’ will develop team spirit, leadership quality, and professional attitude. We, at Corporate, value these attributes a lot for the growth of the company and nation,” added Mr Ajay Harinath Singh.

The DPGC plans to create a mix of the elderly and young workforce by expanding its PREP for ‘Agniveers’ and engaging both the elderly and the youth in nation-building. In the last 2 years the group has provided jobs to 21,300 ex-service men, under the PREP. Group aims to provide over 1,50,000 direct employment in the next 5 years. Post-retirement work would provide them socio-economic security and the nation would be benefited in several ways. Their experience and expertise would be a valuable asset to the Group which operates in 11 countries with 29 business verticals.

So far, under the PREP ex-servicemen are not only getting a good salary but also other benefits such as Mediclaim, Assisted living and pension. The Group would soon come out with a detailed list of benefits (apart from salary) to be given to ‘Agniveers’ once they join the Group.

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