Book Review: The Secret Life Of Organizations

The authors in the book bring in all their experience to teach you about the unwritten rules of being successful in an organization


‘Doing well in an organization is as much about understanding the workplace as it is about indulgent in the job’.

The book ‘The Secret Life Of Organizations - Invisible Rules Of Success For The Young Indian Professional’ by Human Resource experts Shalini Lal and Pradnya Parasher, with all their experience, teaches you about the unwritten rules of being successful in an organization.

People might be successful with their footing on the accelerator in the corporate world but this book is sure going to help people struggling to find their way.

Everything is structured and followed as per the rules, while it is completely opposite in the workplace. There are no set standards and far greater things in an organization to explore than visible around. People starting their career struggle to get on with an organization in their first job, and this book aims to help them understand rules by which organizations operate.

The Big Secret

Authors explain about secret passages and unwritten rules to succeed in your career. And these are hidden and difficult to understand while starting a career. People might be using these secret rules and still fail to understand them.

Everything in school and college is very clear about the rules to success, but things are really different in organizations. It might put forth rules but their operating behaviour is very different. The authors through the book, bring in all their experience in organizational science and organizational psychology. Through this book, authors try to convey all young professionals how to understand the organization culture, values, business and their behaviour of operations.

The book also takes us through the authors’ dilemma and chaos about the tricky part of maintaining cordial relationships with your bosses and colleagues, understanding the preferential differences and dealing with politics and power internally. Striking these cords smoothly can help you achieve success through that secret passage.

You will always have to navigate in your organization and will have to depend on others for work too. These relationships will also determine your productivity at work, and your career success depends on it.

The book will finally help you look beyond the reality and present scenario. Each one of us will experience different career progression, which will require us to understand the different trajectory of it and understanding each organization differently.

Our career will also experience technological advancements and the book talks about the two abilities that will always be our best friends in our career- the ability to learn and unlearn; and to develop resilience which will go a long way in a rewarding career.

This book brings out a structured way to manage your career through understanding the office ergonomics. Overall, a good read for every young professional embarking on their career journey.  


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