Bharat Rajamani Turns Entrepreneur Partners With Amit Kapoor To Launch a Consulting Firm

Bharat Rajamani, Partner, KPMG moving on to head US Advertising Agency Private Limited as Chief Executive Officer.


From Left: Amit Kapoor and Bharat Rajamani

Bharat Rajamani who was serving as the Partner, KPMG; now moving on to head US Advertising Agency Private Limited as Chief Executive Officer. Amit Kapoor, MD, and Founder US Advertising officially has confirmed the development and said " In Bharat, we have an extremely passionate, trusted business advisor and a seasoned professional with 24 years of Marketing & Media Consulting experience across two big four consulting firms – KPMG & EY. We welcome him and are excited about the new journey of US Advertising under his proven leadership."

Bharat Rajamani was extremely positive and upbeat when contacted and said " In my new role, I will leverage my extensive experience in the Marketing, Media & Entertainment sector to transform the outdoor business by promoting transparency and accountability leading to Credible Outdoor Solutions. Over the last two years, we have already developed path-breaking AI-enabled tools for planning, monitoring and ROI measurement that will be instrumental in breaking the shackles of data deficiency in outdoor media – CRB”.

Bharat further said “OOH Solutions are by default built around the consumer behaviour and movement. Covid Scenario has redefined our behaviour and this will encourage us as an industry to innovate and bridge the gap between revised consumer mobility and media objectives. Many conventional norms of the business will get redefined. We as an industry also have a key role in reviving consumer demand which is of paramount importance as we move out of lockdown and we at US Ads will work closely with brands and innovate the offerings. Post opening of lock down will see a very different consumer movement who have been confined to the walls of home, this movement will be layered with a sense of caution and safety. Hence communication and positioning of the brand has to be apt and we will have to go beyond the brief and not just restrict to standard communication and plain OOH.”

Bharat has moved with some of his senior resources from the consulting and advertising background who will be driving the business growth both horizontally and vertically.

Further, there is also news that Bharat Rajamani & Amit Kapoor, are soon co-founding a Niche Consulting Firm specializing in Marketing Engineering & Optimization, Digital Consulting & Revenue Enhancement Solutions.


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