Artificial Intelligence Should Make You Enthusiastic-Margret Regan, President And CEO, The Futurework Institute

During Diversity Equity Inclusion(DEI) Global Summit, ultimate ideas about future appeared before a huge gathering of the audience. The summit started on 3rd of April at New Delhi and was organised by Ask Insights and BW People


In a special presentation on the topic Game Changers 2030, implications for standing in the future of DEI, a globally renowned scholar Margret Regan, President and CEO, the Futurework Institute has elaborated common but sensitive issues related to the importance of AI. She introduced her AI robot Jibo, who according to her 'helps to stay her healed and informed for entire day's. People have to start getting friendly with AI as this will be the phenomenon that will decide the future in the coming decade. Regan also said that there will be more informed and enhanced people in the future. Regan had also shared insightful information about AI-enabled robot programs and devices like ROSS and AURA used for legal assistance as well as hospitality assistance.

Humans must and should be the reason for enthusiasm due to the introduction of AI rather than being threatened about their respective jobs, adviced Regan. Regan had also shared four categories of people and their approach towards AI and future changes, 'Passive, Reactive, Preactive and Proactive' about an assumed or real change in future. Leaders who are or have been overinvesting in the things they know and hesitate to or under-invest the things where they should invest, tends to lose the race or at some point of time remain behind others in competition informed Regan. 

In a very interesting idea, Regan said that in order to compete and conquer in present one has to stand in the future. Along with her ideas, Regan has also shared few interesting prediction due to AI in future like, everything will be rented in future and will be delivered by drones, she has also emphasized that America will not be the only superpower by next 10 years and also that scientists will work to keep humans fit in space. The game changer for the future will be a demographic shift, climate change, and economic trends, concluded Regan. 

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