Ahead of Festive Season Corporations are Set To Offer Bonus; Employees Demanding Higher Bonus

While staff at Pune Municipal Corporation and Pondicherry Government will get a bonus while staff at BMC is asking for a higher bonus.


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The Pune municipal corporation (PMC) despite not having a very strong financial situation has made special provision of Rs 80 crores to pay Diwali bonus to its employees. This bonus is given to appreciate the hard work of employees during a pandemic.

All Staff working in various departments at board offices, civic headquarters, infrastructure officers and municipal schools will be paid bonus.

However, in Bombay BMC employees are not incredibly happy and have put forward the demand for a higher bonus. Last year employees received a bonus of Rs 15,000 but considering the hard work during pandemics want bonus of Rs 40,000.

BMG suffered 40% drop in the revenue during the pandemic but still it is kept inside rupees Rs 153.14Cr for bonus. The workers will receive Rs17,000 as bonus this year

Meanwhile Pondicherry chief minister V. Narayanaswamy has announced Diwali bonus whose total cost will be rupees 18 crores for 26,000 employees working as non-gazetted group A, B,C staff will get rupees 6,908 while full time casual staff in government departments will get the bonus of Rs1,200.


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