Adda247 Launches ‘Zoom Out Time’ Initiative, Focussing On Employee And Workplace Wellness

-The initiative encourages employees to take short breaks in between work and develop healthy habit


Adda247, India’s No.1 government job preparation app has launched the ‘Zoom Out Time’ initiative to prioritize employee and workplace wellness. With this initiative, the company wants to encourage its employees to take short breaks in between work and develop healthy habits to energize and rejuvenate themselves. According to an internal company survey, it was found that employees devote less time to themselves. The reason is not only work but also the lack of attention to their own life. Given the nature of our VUCA world and the pace at which the corporate culture operates, each employee is working on multiple tasks/priorities at the same time. With the ‘Zoom Out Time’ initiative, the company aims to encourage employees to focus on their individual wellness. As a part of this initiative, Adda247 has set up multiple channels for employees to take small breaks and refresh themselves. The company has set up a gym with free access to employees and has hired a practitioner for any physical or diet-related issues. Engagement activities like stretching, 1-minute meditation sessions, and indoor games (table tennis, foosball, and billiards) are organised to keep the employees excited. Employees are also encouraged to join daily Zumba sessions to relax and unwind. The company is also experimenting with meditation workshops and is currently offering Dandiya training sessions to its employees for Navratri.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Anil Nagar, Founder & CEO, Adda247 said, “We at Adda247 believe that ‘Zoom Out Time’ is not just about taking short breaks, it's about savouring the pause and reinforcing our values. It will instil a feeling of peace within our employees during times of distress. We are confident that this initiative will play a key role in putting forward our employee-friendly strategies which revolve around the long-term retention of our talent pool.”

“We are setting up our own culture lab to experiment with many more ideas to evaluate the ways to increase the mental resilience of our workforce and make it more future-ready. We are already experimenting with how meditation can relax our employees through various workshops that are being conducted by our organisation.”, added Neeti Kumar, Vice President, People Enablers (Head Of Human Resources), Adda247.

Adda247 has played an instrumental role in the learning journeys of more than 80 million students beyond metropolitan cities by delivering quality online education in 12 vernacular languages. Solid business fundamentals, sustainable business and an outcome-focused approach have been the DNA of Adda247. To add strategic value to Adda247’s offering in the UPSC and State PSC segment, the company recently acquired UPSC focused ed-tech platform, StudyIQ Education. Adda247 currently has 22 million monthly active users, and a total of 2 million paid users.

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