ATM for workplace happiness

Naveen Khajanchi, an executive coach and author feels that employees can reduce their work stress by Practising ATM- Accepting Present, Taking Charge and Making Best.


ARE you reeling under stress? Isn’t it because of fear of failure, meeting deadlines, expectations and approval from others at workplace? You need to do ATM - Anxiety Toll Management. Why? Because most of our adult lives are spent in the workplace and curbing stress is of utmost importance. Workplace is a major part of our lives, a source of livelihood and also happiness, elation or anger and frustration.

In our work life, productivity suffers as our stress related unhappiness leads to lowered concentration, inadequate team work, and poor interpersonal relations. The endeavor is to create a holistic environment wherein most people feel safe and work effectively Carnegie Mellon University–led study found that one component of mindfulness interventions is particularly important for impacting stress biology. Acceptance, or learning how to be open and accepting of the way things are in each moment, is critical for the training’s stress reduction effects. What can the workplace do?

Employee Engagement is the past, it’s now about happiness and social connection: Employees tend to go to work bored and unengaged and return home drained of all their energy. Nicole Lipkin summarized people’s needs using the SLAM model -- social connection, leadership excellence, aligned culture and meaningful life. People feel engaged and energized when they know the larger purpose of the organization.

Evolving leadership and the atmosphere within the organization: Most people leave a company with some grievance against the leadership or the way things operate. The HR needs to be aware and take affirmative, positive actions, if the same pattern of grievance continues. Take charge and start creating a small group which can stand together when the need arises.

Encourage Positive Emotions: Prof Martin Seligman says that people see their work in three possible ways – as a ‘job’ where they use the pay check as its reward. Secondaly, as a ‘career’ and work to advance and succeed. Thirdly, they see their work as a ‘calling’ and find work fulfilling because it gives them feelings of meaning and purpose.

What can the employee do? Be grateful for what you have. Practice the ATM: Accept the present situation with objectivity, let go of the past and stop worrying about future . Take charge of your thoughts, expectations, fears and hopes in a manner that negativity can be reset to positivity. Make the best of what you have in an effective manner with gratitude.

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