63% of internet users have more or similar levels of trust on Narendra Modi as in 2014: Dailyhunt-Neilsen Survey

The survey was conducted on the 4 year performance of the Modi led NDA government. The unique survey involved 54 lakh respondents, covering 95 per cent of Indian pin codes.


News Content aggregation platform Dailyhunt along with information and data measurement company Nielsen have come out with what the companies claim to be  India’s largest, most definitive, independent and digital political survey called ‘Trust of the Nation’. 


The survey was conducted on the 4 year performance of the Modi led NDA government. The unique survey involved 54 lakh respondents, covering 95 per cent of Indian pin codes.


 The respondents of the survey were across the age group of (18-24, 25-343, and 35+). Administered in 10 local languages the respondents were requested to answer 10 questions based on their trust in the current government and rate its performance in the last four years, in a multiple-choice format. 


The ‘Trust of the nation survey’ was jointly created and designed Nielsen and Dailyhunt which was then hosted on Dailyhunt’s platform. 


“This survey is the largest independent survey done by any organisation following gold standards. A purely organic survey this is not motivated by politics but only by democracy. We have covered all the lines of Bharat from high end to low end mobile users to capture the essence of what India is thinking at the moment,”said Umang Bedi, President Dailyhunt at the launch event. 


“For this survey we had access to a very big database, which we used to which we used to a very authentic survey. We are just the voice of the citizens of this country. Our job is to represent it and not interpret it,” said Prasun Basu President South Asia, The Nielsen company.   


Following are the highlights of the survey:



  • 63% of the respondents expressed more or similar levels of trust in Narendra Modi as compared to 2014 (when he came into power), representing satisfaction in his leadership capabilities for the last four years.
  • More than 50% of the respondents believe that a second term for Narendra Modi will provide them a better future.
  • Using phones as an indicator for income levels, low and mid-range phone users comprising 90% of the respondents, came across as Narendra Modi’s supporters , contrary to the high-end phone users. 
  • A careful analysis of ‘Trust’ and ‘Belief’ factors in North, South, West and East India gave the following interesting insights:

    • On a macro level, Southern states barring Karnataka, seem to be more cautious about Modi’s leadership. 
    • On one hand, prospective voters in Odisha have given a thumbs-up to Narendra Modi with high trust and belief scores, on the other, voters in Tamil Nadu are most skeptical on both fronts.
  • When it comes to the 5 states going to the polls,

    • Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan all are currently keeping the faith in PM Modi
    • Telengana is the only state bucking this trend  
  • 60% of the respondents seem to trust Narendra Modi the most in order to uproot the longstanding issue of corruption. Interestingly, AAP National Convenor, Arvind Kejriwal got higher precedence over Congress President, Rahul Gandhi in this category. 
  • 62% of the respondents are confident that Narendra Modi is the best fit to lead the nation during a national crisis, followed by Rahul Gandhi, (17%), Arvind Kejriwal, (8%), Akhilesh Yadav, (3%) and Mayawati, (2%) respectively.


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