6 Safety Tips While Getting Back to Work

As the world battles COVID-19, Centre has issued SOPs on preventive methods and rules as the business revives slowly in the wake of lulling economy. The news arrives on the occasion of World Environment Day and adds a zeal of zest to keep safe and healthy.


The Indian health ministry has warranted standard operating procedures (SOPs) in lieu of the global pandemic Covid-19 that has infiltrated the lives of the general public. The guidelines established provides a provision of relief to both the employee and the employer that comes in effect from June 8th, 2020. This proclamation by the government comes on World Environment Day and has obligatory rules and procedures to be followed to ensure safety and health for all. 

Here’s the summarized version of the safety measures that have been publicized: 

  • If an employee resides in a zone which has been notified as ‘red’ or a containment zone, s/he shall be permitted to work from home and not join the office until their area of residence has been denotified and declared safe. This was issued by the Ministry of Health on Thursday and also declared that such absence shall not be accounted for as a leave.
  • Another provision mandates that only after a proper thermal screening of the employees has been done shall they be allowed to enter the office premises. Only asymptomatic staff and visitors can enter the building which is to remain shut unless they provide essential medical services. The company is also to take on the responsibility of installing hand sanitizer dispensers. 
  • Every staff member and the leader on the ladder of the hierarchy is supposed to wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing. 
  • If there’s a small outbreak, then the normalcy may be restored in the companies after following the appropriate protocols of disinfection but in case of a larger outbreak, the entire organization has to be shut down for 48 hours and only be rehabilitated once it is properly disinfected and declared fit for re-occupation. 
  • People of and above 65 years with co-morbidities as well as pregnant women are advised to stay indoors except for when they need to go out for essential and healthcare purposes. It falls upon the office management to facilitate this process. 
  • Most of the corporate meetings and conferences should be conducted on virtual and digital platforms if it is feasible so as to not engage big gatherings. 

“Places like offices that people work in are shared and common spaces of corridors, stairs, elevators, cafeterias, toilets, parking, work stations, etc. It is of supreme importance to make sure that the guidelines are followed religiously so as to curtail the spread of infection in a timely and effective manner,” the ministry mandated in an official statement. 

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