10 Tips To Maintain Good Relationship With Boss And Colleagues

Employees are normally under the impression that their bosses manage them, without realizing that they also manage their bosses indirectly by helping accomplish the bigger team goals


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Building two-way relationships in the organization are key for higher employee productivity and fostering an empowered and happy work environment. 

Employees are normally under the impression that their bosses manage them, without realizing that they also manage their bosses indirectly by helping accomplish the bigger team goals. That is how best teams build a two-way relationship.

Trust between boss and subordinates is key for one’s career progression, high levels of engagement and attaining desired outcomes. The key to create trust amongst team members is building a better two-way relationship. As an individual, here is how it can be done: 

Be proactive - up the trust quotient: Never wait for directions to come from your boss. The best way to manage the expectations of your boss is to proactively take up projects or even recommend business solutions on your own. This approach will drive trust. Trust is the most essential factor to not only forge stronger relationships at work but also essential for enhancing business performance and driving revenue growth. ‘When an employee can demonstrate his/her contributions to revenue, their boss will see their value’. (Dionne Mahaffey, CPAI Group)

Expectations – understanding and delivering better: Any successful working relationship requires people to put aside their ego to collaborate better.  More so, when it comes to working with your manager it is sacrosanct to do so. This will help you to understand better your manager’s expectations and support effectively. After all, your manager’s success is your success and vice-versa. 

Dependability – your ladder to growth: Being the go-to person in the team starts with you finishing your tasks well on time, with outcomes that match your boss’ expectations. This will help you develop a relationship of trust with your boss and he will gain certain confidence about your dependability. With this in place, you can confidently offer to support your boss with much bigger projects and contribute to his growth too, which will, in turn, help you learn more and help you grow in your career. 

Ownership – it is your role:  To be successful in any workplace it is not enough if one is just being responsible for their role. A strong sense of ownership and belonging is required. The onus is on you to define the way you want to achieve success. Innovate solutions and take initiatives that will not only help you achieve your goals but will also benefit the larger business goals. A boss who sees his teammate with such passionate ownership would sure do everything in his/her capacity and help achieve greater success.  

Execution – the golden key: A positive outlook, discipline to complete assigned tasks, willingness to learn and improve are few qualities that can take you a long way. Be always aware of your organization’s vision and larger goals and align your career growth to these. All these together will help you execute your work remarkably well, giving you visibility within and outside your team.   

Shared ownership improves when you work with subordinates and achieve organisation goals together as a team. This also helps to improve inter and intra team bonding and your personal relationship with other team members.

Mutual Respect – Respect for the individual is a core value in many organizations. This should translate in the way you work. Work collectively; value every person’s ideas, creativity and wisdom. This will help you to sharpen your collaboration skills and innovate solutions for your organization too. 

Mind the Mind – Any given workday your mind would be abuzz dealing with a pile of emails, phone calls, meetings, presentation, and chasing deadlines. Yet one is required to be highly productive and present at work despite the myriad of activities. Being mindful is essential, keeping a tab on your actions and communication irrespective of your mental and emotional state of mind. 

Welcoming Diversity – Any workplace comprises of people from diverse cultures with varying thought processes. To be successful in such an environment one has to welcome and accept this diversity, allowing others to express their opinions and share their ideas with ease. Be accommodative of this diversity while collaborating and working with different teams across the organization. 

Master Communication – Communication is key in any profession. It is something we all do every day in one form or the other. Mastering this basic skill is essential to build healthy relationships. Make sure your communication is clear, precise, open, honest and well articulated. Another important aspect is to ensure that your communication allows for a two-way conversation than a one-way street. 

The dynamics of your workplace relationships have a direct bearing on your job satisfaction and performance. Positive healthy relationships in the workplace come with multiple benefits. They help boost your productivity and exponential growth, be it personal or professional - a feat not possible by any one individual. Your career growth in any workplace is possible only with the support and guidance from your boss and colleagues. This also helps one develop a strong bond and closeness – a sense of belonging – which is essential because your workplace is after all akin to your home.

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