10 Tips To Boost Productivity While Working From Home

Now is the time to come together and not let the fear of the looming pandemic and chaos around you affect your mental health and productivity.


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It is time to rethink our priorities and rethink how we work. The Coronavirus pandemic has put our life—and work-life—in disarray, forcing us to stay at home until we’re given the all-clear. While the times are challenging, we need to make the best of the situation and ensure we keep marching ahead.

With all offices asking employees to work from home for the near future, it is time to figure out best ways to utilise our time and maintain productivity. Here are ten tips to help you develop your own work-from-home strategy.

1. Create a schedule: Just like you have a routine when you go to office, bring that discipline to working from home, too. Establish your work and leisure hours and share a schedule with your family members. This will not only help you focus better, but will also create boundaries with kids so they’re less likely to disturb you.

2. Dress up: You don’t have to get into stuffy formal clothes. However, you do need to shower and get out of your pyjamas. Wear something comfortable like a pair of jeans and t-shirt. This will get you into the right frame of mind to begin your day on a professional note.

3. Set up a home-office space: While it may be tempting to take advantage of the comfort that home provides, do not work from your bed, as that can have a significant negative impact on your productivity. Create a workspace for yourself that has everything you need within reach. This could be a desk in your bedroom, a small corner in the living room or a dining table. The goal should be a space with minimum distractions that will allow you to focus on the work at hand.

4. Use remote desktop software: Embrace remote desktop software to stay connected to your co-workers working in different parts of the country, or to connect to your work desktop. Such software can replicate your workspace functionality at home seamlessly, mimicking the experience you would have if you were seated in front of your computer at work.

In addition, remote desktop software can boost your productivity exponentially by enabling easy and transparent communication with your colleagues, as well as sharing data and helping teams work together simultaneously on documents or presentations.

5. Schedule periodic breaks: Just like you do at work, schedule breaks to have coffee, lunch, snacks or spend a few minutes talking to your family. Use this time to stretch a little and relax your muscles. Taking periodic breaks will refresh your mind, enhance productivity and maintain healthy movement.

6. Turn off social notifications: If social media is not relevant to your work, turn off notifications on all devices while you are working. If you wish, you can check them during breaks. This will ensure you don’t get distracted and get a lot more done.

7. Get good headphones: It is easy to get distracted at home or pulled into domestic work. Invest in quality noise-canceling headphones to keep all the disruptions out. Or if you are someone who likes having some music in the background while you work, plug into some ambient music that does not take away your focus.

8. Take a power nap: Some Japanese employees take power naps in their offices to help manage their mental and physical health, and improve productivity. A 15-minute nap after lunch can ensure you are not sluggish for the rest of the day, and your mind is alert and efficient. But be careful not to stretch it just because no one is watching.

9. Work out every day: It is easy to become lethargic if you are stuck at home day after day. Take time to do some strength training or cardio exercise at home. You can also help in household chores to get your exercise for the day. This will help you keep your mind sharp while maintaining your health.

10. Spend time with your family: Look for a silver lining in this pandemic we are facing. You have been given the gift of time, so use it wisely. Spend time with loved ones, play board games with your children, have a coffee date with your significant other on the balcony. Use this time to reorganize your priorities and promote work-life balance.

Working from home comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While you no longer have to commute, you do have to deal with a lot of distractions. Now is the time to come together and not let the fear of the looming pandemic and chaos around you affect your mental health and productivity. These tips will help sail through the challenges and come out a winner in these difficult times.

Work hard, be productive, and most importantly, stay safe!

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