"Our Focus On L&D In Last Two Years Has Helped Us To Transition Swiftly"

In the latest conversation, Rajesh Mirjankar, MD & CEO, Infrasoft Technologies talks about the new parameters for talent acquisition; top-3 soft skills tech recruiters would seek in a candidate, and the role of transformational leadership in the new world.


What new parameters have you set for talent acquisition?

The new norm of working-from-home made us relook in 3 areas for talent acquisition:

o Workforce planning

We have redefined our job descriptions. We proactively encourage subject matter experts to share their capability to enhance our projects, and this has opened doors for a more extensive candidate database across geographies.

o Selection tools to get the right talent

Much focus has been given on understanding and considering multi-skills and flexible candidates as it leads to optimal utilization of workforce, awareness of organizational needs, easy development of employees across projects and departments, increased productivity, and better quality of deliverables. Internal teams are given the opportunity to apply for open positions after up-skilling programs conducted on an ongoing basis.

o Seamless onboarding remotely

Virtual hiring and recruitment procedures help us in ensuring quicker selections. Our competent recruiters and hiring managers who are adept at using a competency-based interview model have been asked to modify their practices for a completely virtual experience that delivers a wow factor during onboarding.

According to you which are the in-demand skills right now in tech?

The tech market has seen drastic changes this year, and the technology landscape continues to evolve rapidly. Some of the skills that were in demand last year were lower in priority post the pandemic with the focus being on mobility and remote operations for our clients.

Some of the key skills that are certainly in demand are

o Omnichannel – Omnichannel and Open Banking platform enhance banking engagement and customer relationship.

o AI & Machine Learning –TensorFlow, Python, Java, R, and Natural Language Processing, and these will see significant demand in the coming years as well.

o Conversational UI – Delivers deep insights, resolves queries, performs transactions in real-time.

o Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) – User Experience (UX) trends such as AR and VR will be in vogue in the medium term and developing knowledge and skills towards the same can be helpful

What are the top-3 soft skills tech recruiters seek in a candidate now?

The role of soft skills only keeps growing from year to year, and they demand equal importance just as professional skills. Some of the critical skills we look out for in candidates are:

o Entrepreneurship attitude & Leadership qualities - Especially in the new normal, we look for candidates who can excel independently and demonstrate characteristics of organising and motivating a group of people.

o Emotional Intelligence – Those who could manage their own emotions and emphasise with others find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and be team leaders and team players.

o Active learning and learning strategies – Considering our jobs require us to stay up to date with tech innovations, we continuously seek talent that is willing to learn and enhance their skills.

In terms of up-skilling, what are courses/skills one should look at?

We are focusing majorly on new-age tech mainly: Omnichannel technologies, Open API, Blockchain, AI & ML, Big Data Analytics & Data Science, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and IoT integration-related talent. These should be some skills that one should look at upskilling on since they will continue to be in demand for the medium to long term.

Best practices introduced at Infrasoft Technologies to keep employees emotionally and mentally sane during these times?

· Frequent Virtual townhalls of the Top Management including MD & CEO with our global workforce assures the employees that the organisation is transparent and using the collective synergies of our workforce to be pandemic-ready to handle the uncertainties and adapt to the change.

· Involving the families while engaging with the employees in our communication on self-care has helped employees remain positive. We have introduced changes in the WFH, insurance, and wellness policies to send a strong message – "Employee First".

· Professional counsellors are engaged and allocated to employees and their family members who were impacted by COVID19. A tracker is maintained, and HR members are in touch with every individual checking on wellbeing and resolving issues ASAP.

· Managers are urged to ensure employees are given regular breaks and holidays to since WFH can be stressful. Employees are encouraged to spend quality time with family (ensuring all COVID19 norms are followed).

According to you, what is the definition of the new leadership in the new normal?

Leadership with empathy, Inclusion, and Innovation Intent

Leadership is more than wearing a title and sitting at the head of the boardroom table. It's as much about being sensitive and empathetic towards employees, offering moral and emotional support when they need it most, and building effective and lasting relationships. Leadership without an in-depth perspective of inclusion & initiative breeds a disconnected environment. At InfrasoftTech, the new normal is having an attitude which asks us to be global in our approach but collaborates and competes locally.

Innovation has to be the core to the intent and sense of purpose in everything that we do. This will then reflect in building an agile enterprise that is able to adapt new policies for a motivated workforce, new technologies to render us and our clients a competitive edge and new modes of delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.


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